7 Days to Your Dream Job Path

The Creative Career Blueprint 7-Day Challenge


Wouldn't it be nice to KNOW, definitively, if you're wasting your time waiting for that promotion?


Or be able to see exactly HOW and WHEN you're going to be able to get to the role you've always dreamed of?


Maybe you want to switch to a different creative niche, but you're stuck on exactly HOW to accomplish that...this challenge is for you.


The Creative Career Blueprint is a roadmap-planning course, specifically for creative types, to craft your own leveling-up plan for your career (whatever that means to you personally). It's designed to answer the nagging questions you've been asking yourself about WHEN you're going to get to the next level, switch careers, learn a skill, etc — and eliminate your DOUBT about what to do next, so you can move forward confidently, with a plan.

Creative Career Blueprint: 7 Days to Your Dream Job Path

It's structured in the form of a challenge that lasts, you guessed it, seven days. The outcome of the challenge will be an executable plan for your career growth for the next few years — for you to grow into whatever creative career and title you are looking to have. I know that seems CRAZY, but I promise it is possible, and you can do it! You just have to follow along. It's around 20-35 minutes or so of work each day. Each day of the challenge you'll get an email from me walking you through the day's prompt. Feel free to reply and ask questions.


You'll also receive an e-book walking you through steps, and a worksheet in the form of a google sheet.


What This Challenge is Designed to Do

The prompts within the Creative Career Blueprint are designed to help you to start listening to your own internal voice about what you want to do with your life, and to make a plan from that. Specifically, you'll discover:

Your personal growth plan; whether you're going from individual freelancing to a staff position, or small-scale projects to scaling your business, managing larger projects, or building a team.

Your plan for updating and enhancing your portfolio to reflect your growth, skills, and versatility, which is crucial in attracting new opportunities.

Your plan for working on the kind of work YOU want to do — how and when.

Your plan for getting to the title and pay you've been dreaming of.

How you'd like to identify and hone a particular niche or specialization within the digital creative realm to stand out and become an expert in a specific area.


    This challenge is for designers and other creative types of all disciplines and experience levels.

    • The newly-graduated person who's trying to make sense of how long they're going to be treading water before they "make it."
    • The seasoned professional who's looking to pivot their focus.
    • The mid-level creative who's trying to figure how how and when they'll be able to transition to management.
    • The freelancer who's trying to transition to a staff role.
    • The person who's happy with their level but just wants to work on better projects.

    Who this isn't for: People who DON'T have a creative background or aren't looking to work in a creative space.

    🚀 You'll get a welcome email upon purchase with links to your downloads.

    🚀 Your challenge will start the Monday after you purchase.

    🚀 Every day, for 7 days, I will send you an email direct to your inbox. There will be instructions fully inline in the email.

    🚀 Each day I'll ask you to complete a short assignment which will always be less than 40 minutes.

    🚀 I'm with you every step of the way and will invite you to share things with me about your journey as we go through it together.

    🚀 You get to keep the emails for life so that you can return to them any time you want to explore something again or more deeply.

    No matter when you buy, your challenge starts on a Monday.

    Yes, it's possible for you to buy and start on the same Monday, but it's unlikely that will happen unless you bought on a Monday before 6am in your timezone, which is when the emails are sent out.

    A course book to help you understand how to use it and to walk you through it step-by-step.

    An accompanying worksheet to record your plan.

    Daily support prompts for SEVEN DAYS as you work your way through it. (Delivered through your email.)

    🚀 This item is final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.


    Drawing Meditation for Confidence

    Here's a weird little meditation I made that uses neuroscience and the power of drawing to "trick" your brain into being more confident.