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Mommy Goes on a Work Trip (Hardcover & Hand-signed)


-Hardcover book

-6x9", 20 pages

-Signed by author

I wrote this book on printer paper, with pen and pink highlighter, on the first night of my first work trip after the Covid lockdown. It was a challenging time because my youngest son has special needs and had never experienced my absence for so long. My other son was also really upset and had trouble understanding. Even though I tried to talk to both of them about it many times before I'd left...


So I wrote this story in a feverish few hours after my work day, emailed it to my husband and my parents and their schoolteachers, and everyone took turns reading it to them. It touched me to see everyone rally around them and me to help the children feel better.

Later, it struck me as odd that I hadn’t seen that many books on the subject of addressing what it means when mom is the one working outside the home. So, I decided to share.


I've challenged myself to complete the illustration within a month — and I DID IT IN 23 DAYS! You can watch my entire journey here.


I just have two more left that I'm going to sell from this run.


Thank you for your support in putting this out into the world.

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