The Creative Lead Workshop

Drawing Meditation for Confidence


Question: Have you ever tried a DRAWING meditation?

I have this odd little drawing meditation I do when I feel like I need to psych myself up for something. A challenging work situation, an interview, but also I am able to do it for literally any situation under the sun. You don't need to be good at drawing. Stick figures work perfectly well (and might even be better, honestly). 

It's part neuroscience, part meditation, and part...

....well, MAGIC.🌟🪄

It's like you're casting a confidence spell on yourself. Something about the act of putting it on paper with self-love and intention makes it really happen in your brain.

It takes about 10 min and it totally shifts my perspective, it calms me down, and I feel a boost of "I got this" juice.

What's Included:
-Audio file of meditation
-Instructions and drawing template

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