Care Package: Handlettered Typography


This Care Package includes advice and inspiration for the person who's curious about learning more to do with handmade typography. When you look at these images, does it excite you? Do you want to learn more? Are you interested in illustration, but not necessarily hand-lettering? Do you want to understand and utilize this kind of asset better into your design layouts, but not necessarily create it yourself? These are all excellent questions you'll be able to find answers to.


It also comes with a free subscription to Lunchbox Notes — my free encouragement and advice letter to creatives working on their careers - and people who just want to experience some unconditional acceptance and support for their creative pursuits. You'll also be the first to hear about some amazing books and tools I have in the works. Unsubscribe at any time.


💡 What’s a Care Package? Well, instead of stale 🍪🍪, I’m going to give you some fresh recommendations and referrals geared towards activating the “oh, that’s freakin’ AWESOME” part of your brain that fell in love with the arts to begin with, before all these Deadlines and Hovering Art Directors and Sunday Scaries started getting in the way.

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